Insuring Your Mission

What Our Brokers Are Saying

Watch what our brokers have to say about working with Glatfelter Religious Practice.
“I get a call from the president of GRP following up on quotes on my submissions. I would say that the underwriters at Glatfelter have a 'can do' attitude. That's a little different than most underwriters that we work with. I think most underwriters are trained to say no ... but the Glatfelter folks say yes a lot."

Richard Black, Producer
Hotchkiss Insurance Agency
"We are very much a faith-based organization. Professionalism, ethics, integrity mean a great deal to us and I see those same qualities in the Glatfelter folks. The way Glatfelter has chosen to do business, very professional, like the handshake agreement to both parties. That's what I appreciate."

John Liske, Partner
McQueary | Henry | Bowles | Troy
"Ethically, great people. They are people of their word, which is wonderful and allows you ... the trust only builds the amount that you can do together."

Robert Wise, Vice President
Emery & Webb Insurance
"I feel that we have a direct line to people who can make decisions and not have to go through 15 layers of management to get there. And that's a great feeling."

John Webb III, Vice President
Emery & Webb Insurance