Insuring Your Mission


View our variety of risk control infographics and help minimize or prevent risk at your religious organization.


deer-vehicle collisions

Deer-Vehicle Collisions

It's that time of year ... deer season. There is a higher percentage of deer-vehicle collisions in November/December than at any other time. Learn how to reduce risk.

Stop Fraud

Businesses and organizations, no matter small or large, are not immune to fraud. Learn the statistics and what you can do to minimize risk.



Hurricanes can cause catastrophic damage to coastlines and several hundred miles inland. Are you ready to handle a hurricane?

El nino infographic

El Niño

Learn more about El Niño, the effects it can have in the United States. Are you prepared?

prevent business fires

Fire Prevention

Not only do fires cause property damage but can also cause loss of life. Help prevent business fires.

carbon monoxide prevention

Carbon Monoxide

Don't be a statistic! Be aware and be prepared. CO is undetectable to the human senses.

conserve energy

Going Green

Learn how you can help save the planet while also saving money and energy.

germ infographic


Help prevent the spread of germs this season by learning where they live, how the spread and what prevention tips to take.

fireworks safety

Fireworks Safety

It's that time of year for fireworks. Learn tips on what you can do to help prevent injuries and other statistics.

lightning myths

Lightning Myths

Summer is the peak time of year for lightning strikes and fires and are among the most common weather events.

cold weather infographic

Cold Weather

Keep yourself safe from cold-related health problems this winter. Learn about hypothermia and more in this infographic.

winter weather driving

Winter Weather Driving

There are many factors to consider when getting on the road during winter weather.

distracted driving

Distracted Driving

What is distracted driving? How can you help prevent it?

motor vehicle accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Not only can motor vehicle accidents be costly to employers but fatal to their employees.